Ted nugent speaks out against gun control

Detroit musician Ted Nugent recently met with Piers Morgan at a Texas shooting range.  The two openly have conflicting views on gun control. 

Morgan’s stand on gun control has been publicized since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December of 2012.  Morgan says that he has no regrets on his stand or the notoriety that has accompanied said stand.   He asked Nugent why anyone would need an assault weapon

Nugent, an avid advocate for the right to bear arms, said in the interview that the weapons themselves are merely tools.  He said that multitudes of American families own guns without causing problems.

The interview continued in this back and forth fashion.  Both men provided statistics for each of their standpoints.  Morgan broached the fact that “100,000 million Americans are hit by gunfire each year.”   Nugent then fired back with the idea that Morgan is obsessed with guns.

Clearly each man feels passionately about his stand on the issue of gun control.  Each of the men brings evidence to support his side.  However, the conflict that exists in the interview itself remains hard to follow through the back and forth. 




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