Twitter, facebook, and the communication between

The question comes when comparing Twitter and Facebook.  Both provide the basics on keeping in tune with social media.  However, after studying the basic journalism concepts in my freshman year of college, I lean more towards the benefits of Twitter.

The key to communication exists in providing the facts first.  The full detailed story can come later, but the reader or listener needs the facts before anything else.  With Twitter, one can use up to a hundred characters and include a link to another site explaining the story in full detail.

Facebook has virtually no limit in the information department.  Most of the time, sorting through all of the paragraphs upon paragraphs of fluff leaves me uninterested and lacking in understanding the subject I was looking for.  This leads me to the opinion that twitter is one of the most successful communication formats today.

Blogging is another form of communication that succeeds in helping the reader on their journey to becoming well-informed, entertained, and satisfied.  Blogging also helps maintain the integrity of journalism.  Most blogging sites on the market today offer you the option to tag your post which leads to a more concise search.   Blogging also allows anyone to create their own unique voice when writing about a subject which leads away from stealing someone else’s words.


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