Social media war

Writing in today’s world and communicating in today’s world may sound similar but they exists as two different species.  Anyone can power up a modem, press a few keys and publish a document on the internet.  However, it takes understanding and perceptibility for one to be able to communicate clearly. 

Challenges exist within communicating clearly in today’s world.  For one, everyone has an opinion and with that a way to share their opinion with the world.  Communication lies somewhere between opinion and fact.  Most aspiring communicators have trouble finding a reasonable middle ground.

Another problem is useless writing in the form of jargon.  Clear communication relies on the fact that anyone could sit down and read an article or piece of information and automatically be able to understand what the writer is communicating.  However, due to endless years of English literature courses, wordiness exists as a major problem in the social media communication world of today. 

My tips for clear communication can be found in a list below.

  • Stay true to the subject you are writing about.
  • Use clear and concise language.
  • Leave cliches in the past.
  • Write from every angle; opinionated writing does not exist in journalism.
  • Be original.


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