Boston bombing originally planned for Fourth of July weekend

New investigation reports that the April 15th bombing of the Boston marathon was originally planned for the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

The bombing suspects, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, and his brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, decided on Patriot’s day due to the expected crowd in the center of Boston.  According to officials, Dzhokhar said that the bombs were finished sooner than expected.

Friends of the suspects were arrested recently for obstruction of justice after they disposed of Dzhokar’s backpack.  They gave the FBI Tsarnaev’s laptop and led them to his backback which was found in a landfill in New Bedford, Ma.  The contents included fireworks tubes that had been emptied of their powder and a jar Vaseline.

Dzhokhar told officials that the brothers had learned how to build the bombs from an al Qaeda online magazine.  He said that they were not affiliated with any foreign government or rogue group.

Investigators now have a better idea of how the brothers made the bombs.  In addition, the Vaseline is not mentioned in the al Qaeda online magazine but is found in various other places on the internet.

The Vaseline acts as a binding agent which makes the explosive powder more reliable.

Investigations are still underway concerning a 2012 trip Tamerlan made to Russia where he met with known Islamist militants in Dagestan.


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