MCJ 102: journey through mass communication

This reflection is meant to be a final recollection of this journey that ends May 1st.

The list of things that I learned from this course would take up far too much of my limited word count.  From AP style to radio story templates to boilerplates, MCJ 102 touches on it all.

In tasting most of the different parts of journalism and mass communication, I was able to find a style that I liked more than the others.  My favorite is tied between print journalism and advertising.

On one hand, I enjoy the simplicity that is found in print journalism.  I enjoy the idea of providing information for large groups of readers.  There’s a satisfaction that comes with this style of writing.

However, I love the creativity that comes with advertising.  I enjoy writing one-liners which play key roles in drawingn the attention of the audience in advertising.

My least favorite type of writing is broadcast.  I’m not as good at the conversational type of writing.  The end product always seems awkward whereas in print or advertising I find a middle ground between informational and quirky.

One of my toughest challenges at the beginning was remembering to be unbiased.  I would often get so caught up in the subject that  I would simply forget and have to go back and edit the post.

I want to continue writing this way because as an aspring photojournalist I want to be a credible source for future readers.  Overall, this journey gave me a sense of what kind of journalist I want to be in the future.


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