Public relations and advertising: strength in numbers

Public relations and advertising exist as alike and different forms of producing information for audiences due to the different formats of writing required. 

Public Relations exists as a journalistic approach to getting information out about a multitude of subjects.  PR focuses mainly on the quality of writing in order to inform people or businesses about upcoming events or even national news. 

This style of writing is an information gateway from the company to the people.

Like advertising, PR requires a certain art in order to draw the audience in.  Both types of mass communication follow guidelines.  However, advertising focuses on the creative side of producing information for viewers. 

Advertisers want their audience to buy what they’re selling whether it be an actual object, a way of thinking or even an opinion on who should win 2013’s Grammy of the Year.  This style of writing focuses on more on slogans and one-liners to draw a viewer in.  This type of writing is shorter and to the point.

Both advertising and public relations focus on informing audiences.  The two types of writing differ in the desired end result.  Public relations should be reliable enough to be a credible source for other types of journalism.  Advertising uses flashy and sometimes skeptical information that is not necessarily correct in order to draw the audience in.


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